USAID Jordan WFD Organizes a National Discussion on Career Guidance and Work- Based Learning



AMMAN (October 12) The USAID Workforce Development Project organized a two day national discussion to develop career guidance and work-based learning in Jordan. The discussion aims to solicit the support of all parties on providing of career counseling services and the establishment of Career Counseling Implementation Unit responsible for training and developing curriculum and the implementation of a lifelong work-based learning program from secondary school and Vocational Training Institutes to university and employment level. Moreover, identifying the core competencies and specializations for the Jordan career guidance practitioners. 

Jordan WFD team, like other Jordanians, would like to see effective integration of workers into a labor market that will sustain productive, contented workers and a thriving, competitive economy. It is known from national pilot projects and international studies in career development and work based learning (WBL) activities that the best way to achieve this goal is to support career choices that benefit both the needs of the individual and of the labor market.

Career guidance and WBL can assist in providing citizens at all levels with the competencies necessary to recognize individual needs and talents and to find the best match in the labor market. It supports the development of career management skills that allow workers to make successful transitions throughout their lives in an ever-changing labor market. Despite the importance of career guidance, there has been a gap in cohesive, accessible career guidance service to citizens.

There have been isolated projects and activities in the field of career guidance on many different levels in Jordan. In spite of the positive results, knowledge of these efforts most often remains within the specific sector and often the programs fade away for lack of funds. In relation to the country’s vast need for such services, there remains a lack of comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable services that have a national impact. There is no clear, unified policy in place that ensures that career guidance services continue or that those providing such services have the necessary support to sustain their work.

Representatives in leadership positions related to career guidance and employment services support from different organizations and institutions participated in the discussion including: Vocational Training Corporation, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education, Jordan Competitiveness Program and King Abdullah Fund for Development.