120 Newly-Hired Vocational Workers to Be Trained through USAID’s “Champion” Mentorship


EASTERN AMMAN (February 9 2016) – One hundred and twenty new workers will receive vocational training and mentorship through the USAID Jordan Workforce Development Project (WFD). 

Trainees will be paired with a “champion” mentor from factories selected based on their performance in a variety of technical occupations. The trainees will discuss the success stories of “champions” and learn about the critical link between retaining a skilled workforce and the success of Jordanian businesses. 

USAID and the Eastern Amman Investors Industrial Association (EAIIA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding today to mark the start of the training.  At the signing, the project’s chief of party, Mr. William Thompson said, “Our core mission is to support training for the employment of the Jordanian workforce and we are excited to facilitate the training for this batch of newly-hired employees and to provide transportation for the participating employees for the duration of the training program. We will help in developing the selection criteria and screening applicants against criteria for eligible candidates. This program will open up doors to higher levels of employee retention.”

Dr. Iyad Abu Haltam, chairman of the EAIIA, also highlighted the importance of retaining a talented, skilled workforce saying, “Our long experience has shown that retention is a key challenge for employers, leading to increased costs and declining quality of services. To address this problem, we believe that such a training program will improve soft skills and increase retention levels amongst newly hired workers in our factories.” 

Dr. Abu Haltam added, “It is part of our responsibility to encourage newly-hired employees to stay in their jobs until they feel like a part of the workplace’s social structure. We are working on promoting a relationship of trust, life-long learning and cooperation between employees and their employers.” Dr. Abu Haltam commended USAID’s efforts to encourage and increase youth and women’s access to vocational education and training.

USAID WFD works with the Government of Jordan and the private sector to enable Jordanian men and women from all backgrounds to find quality vocational jobs in six regions:  East Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Tafileh, Ma’an, and Aqaba.