USAID WFD Brings More Jobs to Ma’an Communities


Ma’an (2 February 2016)-  USAID Jordan Workforce Development Project (WFD, Ma’an Development Company (MDC) and Al-Ard Al-Naima leather company today signed a memorandum of understanding that guarantees a training program for 100 men and women in technical and soft skills. The program will provide technical training in natural leather tailoring, leather sewing techniques, and the operation of leather machinery. Upon completing the program, the top 50 women and top 15 men will receive employment offers from Al-Ard Al-Naima Company.

Prior to developing this initiative, USAID Jordan Workforce Development Project (WFD) consulted vocational sector representatives and Ma’an Development Company (MDC) to get a priority list of soft skills that are required to optimize work performance and job retention of selected workers inside the leather factory. The skills most relevant to Al-Ard Al Naima include interpersonal skills, teamwork, problem solving, work habits and conduct represented by positive workplace behaviors and attitudes and the rights and responsibilities of workers.
In this context, USAID WFD’s deputy chief of party Eva Geunther said:” Our project focuses on enabling trainees to adapt to their new workplace environment, accelerate the on-the-job training experience and enhance their productivity. Training programs for employment are designed to meet the demands of the labor market; therefore, our training program will not only empower trainees and enable them to acquire technical and soft skills, but also link them directly to work in Al-Ard Al Naima Company.”
During the signing of the agreement, Ma’an Development Company CEO Engineer Hussein Krishan stated, “We are proud to support initiatives that promote the employment of the Ma’an local community; especially females. Entering a new environment can be quite challenging for newly hired women from rural areas. Such a training program will contribute to an enhanced attitude, performance, and overall feelings of job satisfaction.”