Cooperation between USAID and NAJMAH to Employ 1470 Job Seekers in the Industrial Sector


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through Workforce Development Project (WFD), and the National Alliance against Hunger and Malnutrition (NAJMAH) signed today a Memorandum of Understanding to train and employ unemployed Jordanians.

This agreement comes with the view to combine the efforts of various national organizations endeavoring to carry out a national wide project that targets the unemployed across the Kingdom. The implementation of the agreement will be phased focusing on targeted governorates and encouraging job seekers, especially of poverty pockets distributed across the entire Kingdom, to enter the labor market and be part of the Jordanian productive workforce. The first stage of implementation focuses on the job placement of 1470 job seekers in East Amman, Zarqa, Irbid and Aqaba.  
Cooperation between the USAID WFD and NAJMAH including their wide partnerships with non-governmental organizations, particularly the Hashemite Jordanian Fund for Human Development JOHUD, focuses on accessing job seekers through campaigns to raise awareness amongst local communities on the vacancies available in the industrial sector. Job seekers will receive soft skills and technical training and then will be job placed in various vocational jobs.

Muttasim Al-Hayari, NAJMAH coordinator, said that; “The key role of the Alliance is to create positive change in the Jordanian society and combat hunger and malnutrition. This MOU serves as a tool that translates NAJMAH’s vision into a reality through training and recruiting local communities that leads to better life.” 
On the other hand, Dr. Jean AbiNader, Chief of Party, said that; “Through Employment Promotion Units (EPUSs), we are accessing all job seekers in targeted areas and linking them to  jobs. To this end, this MOU encourages local communities to benefit from the training program that will provide the required skills for the industrial sector. Job placement is key to provide decent life and brings about livelihood and income opportunities to job seekers.”


The goal of the Jordan Workforce Development Project (WFD) is to create a competitive, demand-driven workforce development system that leads to increased private sector employment, especially for women, youth and those living at or below the poverty line. The project focuses on six governorates outside Amman: East Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Tafileh, Ma’an and Aqaba.