Annual Program Statement \ Grants (APS) 2015 - 2016

USAID Jordan Workforce Development Porject will provide grants fund to expand the reach of the program and create partnerships with organizations that advance the role, visibility and engagement of women, youth, and those living at or below the poverty line to complement ongoing program technical assistance to the private and public sector. The program will work directly with per-identified technical and vocational institutes, industry associations, community-based organizations, and the private sector. The grants fund aspires to make a concrete impact in terms of creating opportunities for market driven solutions to workforce development challenges for Jordan WFD’s key demographic groups and complement ongoing policy level programming in the six target governorates.

The Project invites non-governmental, non-profit and for profit organizations to submit concept papers to support activities aimed at achieving the project’s main objectives to create a competitive, demand-driven workforce development system that leads to increased private sector employment, especially for women, youth and those living at or below the poverty line with a focus on six governorates: East Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Tafileh, Ma’an and Aqaba.

Projects funded through the grants fund should address at least one of the following areas of intervention:

  • Increase enrolment in and access to vocational training and workforce readiness in target sectors for women, youth and vulnerable groups.
  • Increase the participation of women, youth and vulnerable groups in the Jordanian workforce by creating an enabling environment in the Jordanian workplace in WFD’s target sectors and governorates.
  • Increase awareness of and compliance with Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Social Development on health and safety standards in targeted sectors and governorates through advocacy efforts.
  • Provide policy reform support to drive broader engagement of women, youth and vulnerable groups in the Jordanian workforce.
  • Increase the effectiveness of technical and vocational education training facilities to equip graduates with relevant and desirable skills for the labor market.

Success will be measured in terms of new or improved employment generated in target sectors as a direct result of improved workforce development, increased engagement of women and youth in those target sectors, improved market driven certification programs in target sectors, and sector adoption of Government of Jordan Social Security health and safety regulations.

Achieving these ambitious targets will require close collaboration with the private sector, sector associations, the government, community based organizations and academia, and will require new and innovative approaches to collaboration.

USAID WFD expects to receive concept papers in response to this APS by quarterly deadlines, starting from the date of the announcement as follows: 30 November 2015 ""CLOSED", 29 February 2016, 30 May 2016 until 29 August 2016 until 4:00 p.m.

Concept papers should be submitted (English or Arabic) to in relevance to each specific activity identified under the APS. The email subject should carry the title “WFD-APS-2015-001” – [Name of Activity from the APS]”.

Full details and information about this APS are available through this link: under "WFD Funding Opportunities" - "Annual Program Statement".