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New Center in Irbid to Equip Youth with Skills in Garment Design and Fashion

The $371,000 grant from the United States Agency for International Development will provide garment design courses for youth participants, helping them utilize a range of clothing design and fashion skills needed by small, medium, and large textile manufacturers. The grant is administered through the Jordan Workforce Development Project (WFD).  


Renovated Marka Vocational Training Institute Paves the Way to Youth Employment in Tourism

The United States Government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), opened the Vocational Training Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Training in Marka. The institute, with support of USAID and the Employment, Technical and Vocational Education Training Fund (E-TVET) underwent an extensive renovation. Creating a specialized training institute for hospitality and tourism training in Marka allows the Vocational Training Institute to increase the number of students, offer a variety of programs and provide training based on best international practices.

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